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there is a place

a place in hell, reserved for me and my friends

an amateur historian
24 June 1974
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a comfortable pen, a well-kept closet, all-nite diners, balanced conversation, bread made at home, cafés with large windows, camping comfortably with friends, cartoons adults can enjoy, chairs with style, children of the desert, comfortable solitude, creative people and places, dancing to familiar tunes, dark comedy, desert botany, dining out, distances easily walked, douglas coupland's metaphors, fashionable sensibilities, fiction, flip flops, found things, free time, fresh linens, friends with nicknames, functionalism, gentler words, getting naked without shame, gin martinis with olives, guiltless boredom, handmade gifts from friends, handwritten notes on napkins, indoor paper lamps, inexpensive wine, intellectual supers, italian scooters, knowing the right words, local musicians, long road trips, lunch hour, mail art, mix-tapes from highschool, modernism, mountains, movie-like dreams, museum shops, music from the '80s, my handwriting, my horned-rim glasses, my muse, my observatory, my scientific instruments, naps in the afternoon, naturally-lit rooms, often going barefoot, open spaces, painting when there's time, people watching, personal artifacts, philosophical texts, pictures in magazines, places revisited, pleasant company, poets and their craft, polaroid photos, scepticism, second-hand shops, short anecdotes, simplicity, small venues, smart biographies, smart song lyrics, stand-up comedy, stories i understand, stress-free airports, stylish journals, subtle irreverence, surf rock, swear words, that kick-ass caffeine high, the cinema, the past, the road less traveled, thoughtful design, time spent with family, tomine's drawings, triggered memories, unexpected postcards, walks in the city, window seats, wooden pencils, writing while having coffee