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07.16.11 "...setting aside the easy pursuit of digital… - there is a place [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
an amateur historian

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[Jul. 16th, 2011|09:27 am]
an amateur historian




"...setting aside the easy pursuit of digital perfection, ideal sans favors handmade forms that help it achieve different goals: warmth, craftsmanship, and humanity." more here.


the small dog is sitting on my lap snoring as i type this. el's mother came over last night. i made a thai curry, el did her mother's hair, and the two of them stayed up late chatting and watching a couple of queen documentaries. i retired early and ended up falling asleep with a book on my chest... i didn't hear el climb into bed with me.

i still want to see 'midnight in paris' at the cinema. i'm in terrible need of a good haircut. and a shave. and a wardrobe makeover. we're taking a road trip to yellowstone soon. will be camping with el's sister's family and a couple of her husband's friends. not entirely certain what to expect. i spend a lot of time in the outdoors but i'm usually either alone or with a load of students... it's not often that my special lady and i camp together. for spring break last year, i took a group of students canoeing down a mellow stretch of the green river for a few days. i was thrilled to have el join me thinking i might be able to display some feats of strength in the rugged outdoors. well, it turned out to be one of the most difficult trips i've ever lead. the weather was terrible, the students' spirits were low, a number of people nearly capsized their boats, and no one got naked... which is usually what happens when college students get out into the wild and on a river. never again will i do a spring break trip like that again. only in the fall. anyway, it'll be fun to hang out with the young boys again. maybe i can rewind the tapes and make the first impression again with the special lady when it comes to the outdoors. her sister's husband is kind of a gear head when it comes to this stuff. i'm willing to wager his friend is the same way... me? i'm not. i'm more old school.

el's at her aunt's house for a yard sale right now. i have the house to myself. i put a belle and sebastian album on and have already walked the dogs. it's going to be a sunny day. i like that.