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07.12.11 the king's head cuff links given to me by lady bird. i… - there is a place [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
an amateur historian

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[Jul. 12th, 2011|10:15 am]
an amateur historian


the king's head cuff links given to me by lady bird. i wore these to my wedding.


it's raining. the house is quiet. the older dog is sitting in one of her places. over by the desk, next to the window, she sighs as she lies down. i feel for her. she's getting so old now... has a hard time walking anymore. i know the time is coming for her and it saddens me. she's been such good company over the years. i'm really going to miss her.

there's a lot i could be working on right now. things i've put off and procrastinated completion. some of this stuff has been like climbing a mountain... i'm at the top and i can see the summit but i'm so tired. reminds me of when dave and i climbed mt. whitney. we started at 4:00 am and ended up being on the trail for over 18 hours. i remember being at the top and moving so slowly. some dude threw up on the trail next to me. another fella in our group didn't make it. he kept changing his boots and fussing with his gear. i remember being light-headed and totally spent. i signed the book, took a few photos, peed, sat down for a bit, and immediately began making my way back down. anyway, with some of this work, i'm right at the top. i'm almost done. it's easily been the most difficult thing i've ever taken on in my lifetime. i'm so tired though.

so there you go. i sometimes don't want to do it.

what else is going on? the house needs a new roof. i've been doing all kinds of home repairs. i hung a hutch in the kitchen the other day. i tend to mow the lawn and do yard work on the weekends. i don't get to see el much with her working during the day and going to school at night. got to see some old friends last night and have some dinner with them, together, now that one of them lives nearby. we're growing some tomatoes in the garden box and i took down that lawrence of arabia tent we had. i want to give it to my father in-law. i'm reading a few books right now even though i've tried to avoid reading several things at the same time: a couple by philip k dick, the girl with the dragon tattoo, some comic books i used to read as a kid, and foucault's pendulum... which i've set down to take on in the future. too much. i still subscribe to the new yorker. my bicycle was stolen from the backyard the other night. i enjoy working from home. was actually thinking about taking the train down to the office today but decided not to in the end. i can do what needs to be done from here. the smaller dog is now laying at me feet. i finally figured out how to use the illustrator's pen tool and put together what i think is a pretty good logo for el's new business. i still need to complete the san francisco conference cfp. i don't want it to be cliche though and have been looking for imagery other than the golden gate bridge. still need to do some research and look over some past estate matters. pay some taxes. take care of some bills. ugh. i'd rather turn on the tour and lounge about. there's a netflix envelope on the coffee table: somewhere. wouldn't mind watching that too.