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10.14.09 the tyranny of the actual begins. -philip roth… - there is a place [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
an amateur historian

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[Oct. 14th, 2009|02:12 pm]
an amateur historian


the tyranny of the actual begins. -philip roth


got to step out for a lunch with a dear friend. we used to get out together more often... used to enjoy a beer together and talk about what was on our minds at the time: zen poetry? identity? log cabin republicans? the time traveler's wife? handwriting? the selections of cheeses offered at the local market? presocratics? john? how to fix the swamp cooler? garlic? money troubles? coffee? our youth? protocol and language?

anyway, you name it and there's no doubt we'd once taken a moment to hold hands with it and talk about it for a while. it's always good for me to be able to spend time with friends like him. he's inspired creativity in me and i've looked up to him. i'll raise a glass to him whenever i can anymore.

so what else? it's been something of a quiet day. none of the students are hanging out in the lounge. my coworker decided she'd work from home today. i'm going to take a walk through campus in a bit. i really like this tie i'm wearing. i need to have these shoes resoled. i think i may have had a little too much wine last night. i remember el asking me to quiet down a little... i must get loud when i have too much wine. oh, what else. it was ryan's birthday and we had him and some old neighbors and friends over for dinner. our new dining table was delivered while we were sitting down to eat. el gave the two fellas fro rc willey some food to take with them and ryan seemed genuinely pleased with the homemade carrot cake... i like that. we listened to travis and i burned a disc and the asparagus and potatoes were really quite good. the company was really quite good. the house was alive and breathing heavily.

headed to capitol reef national park tomorrow. honors is taking about 22 students down to the field station over fall break for some astronomy, hiking, creative writing workshops, and some good food. we are so going to bond. i'm exited to hang out with hau, the station manager... he's said i should bring my pipe and that we are to have a gentleman's quarrel on the porch. should be a good time, no doubt.